Company Profile

Yunbo Coating locates in Ningbo, a beautiful harbor city. The company is established in 2007, focusing on coating line design, manufacturing, integration, installation and service. The coating line is sold well in both domestic and oversea market. With high quality and caring service, Yunbo gains high respect and recognition from customers.

As excellent coating equipment supplier, Yunbo also partners with other world famous coating suppliers like Gema, Wagner, Nordson, designs customized coating line for various industries like automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, TV bracket, lighting, safe box, elevator and etc., supports customer to improve efficiency, capacity and quality. The mission of coating line design is energy saving, environmental friendly and automation, Yunbo provides innovation and technology to meet customer requirements, keeps technology edge in the market, 5% of sales income is invested in new technology development.

Core Value: Customer is the only criteria for Yunbo to exist in the market, the development of Yunbo is powered by customer request. We care and put customer request as 1st priority, respond fast, keep adding value to customer. Yunbo establishes criteria on effective and efficient service provided to customer, Yunbo wins only after customer succeeds.

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